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FairyPOS-Web User Manual


Web-0添加商品 Log in to the region-admin account to check/manage the data of all stores in the region.

Add Products

Web-1添加商品 As the picture shows, click 「Products」>「All Products 」 from the menu on the left. Click 「Add Product 」 in the upper right corner of all products to add product profiles. Web-2新增商品详情页 As the picture shows all the needed product information, asterisk marked is required.

Product second name:Used to enter the product name in another language Barcode: Used to scan and add products to the shopping cart Product image:Images will be displayed on the iPad shopping cart page

Edit Inventory


As shown above, go to [Inventory ] via the menu bar on the left. To edit the stock, just click on [operation] of the item and select the proper management type.

  • Track quantity:Change the product quantity directly on the page shown below. Web-4编辑库存数量
  • Track serial number:The following picture is the serial number editing page. It shows the current status of all serial numbers, and is available to 「Add new serial number」on this page. Web-5

Web-6 It is also available with the [Operation] from [All Products] to enter the product list and select to edit the stock.

New Staff

Web-7 Click 「Staff」 from the menu bar to access all the staff profiles. It is availabe to choose among All stores and Any store. Before 「Add new staff」, you need to 「Add new role」 , which is about the staff permissions from the 「Role Management」 section.

Web-8 [Role Management] As shown, it allows to edit the permissions of existing roles as well as [Add New Staff].

Add New Staff


The information needed for the new employee is shown in the picture. The [Employee Account Number] will be generated automatically and can be customized later by editing the employee profile.

Create Stock-taking

Web-10盘点页面 Click 「Product」 > 「Stock-taking」from the menu bar, the stock-taking page is shown above. Click [Create a stock-taking] on the top right corner to enter the following page. Web-11创建盘点任务 Once the inventory information is filled in and saved, the task will be synced to the iOS 「Stock-taking」 module. Stores can then conduct the stock-taking directly.


Click 「Customers」from the menu bar to get all customer profile as the following picture.

Web-12会员资料 It is available to [Edit customer information] and check [Order History] by clicking 「Details」.

Tag Management

Click [Tag Management] on the top right corner of the member profile page to preset member tags and can be used directly during operation.